Friday, 1 May 2020


Isolation pretty much looks like this (oh and a whole lot of mess). Sometimes it does feel pretty much like groundhog day. It’s difficult not to be, but then it is also nice to be together. It definitely is easier on the days when the sun shines and we can get outside a bit. It’s going to be interesting this weekend with the weather turning.

I have all these ideas in my head of (mostly crafty) things I want to do. So far I haven’t been so good at making them happen, but I’m going to try to get it together. I’m down to a month left of maternity leave, which mean things will change a bit. For at least two days a week anyway.

Things we’ve been doing with Elroy:

Lots of Oliver Jeffers activities- watching him read his stories, following as he draws, playing go fish (these cards are so gorgeous- also it’s cute to say ‘have you got the house across the street?’ or ‘have you got the curious whale?’), and watching Here We Are on Apple TV.

We started a stay at home journal where we past some of our activities and write about what we’ve been doing. I think this will be a nice reminder of this time.

Homeschool work - this has been good for additional activities, fortunately Elroy is only kinder so it’s not too full on, also the school has a very realistic approach. He’s also been FaceTiming one of his friends and that has been really great.

A bike ride/walk every day. I think we are so incredibly lucky to live where we do. Even though we are pretty much inner city we have a few great walking spots close to home and we are making the most of them.

Things for us:

The timing was impeccable, my mum got an Apple TV for my grandmother because they thought hers was no longer working, turns out it was fine so she gave it to us. It has made watching things so much easier. Despite being in a bit of a Friends/Seinfeld rut, we really enjoyed Motherland, watched the new Beastie Boys doco, have started Normal People (I sped through both Sally Rooney books ages ago now), we might even watch a few movies we didn’t get to catch at the cinema over the last year!

Lots of cooking. Buying food has been a big shift for us. Normally I’d go to the shop every few days and I was never organised with meal planning. But now we are ordering a weeks worth and I have to think about it. So every Sunday we’ve been making Alison Roman’s slow roast chicken (so so good and easy) and have been making a cake (generally chocolate- this one is good as a cake, I just pour the batter into two sponge tins) once a week, I’ve pickled cucumbers, made spinach and cheese scrolls and the boys made me a lovely birthday cake this week.

Occasionally listening to music that isn’t for children, enjoying the new Strokes album and Ed O’Briens album, a bit of Paul Simon throwbacks- mostly You Can Call Me Al, Tame Impala, the new Avalanches tracks, and countless random Spotify playlists.

Um not much else, there isn’t a whole lot of spare time with two young children!

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