Thursday, 21 June 2007

Apparently it's good luck

Well today i have had one of those days were I think my brain stayed in bed when I got up this morning! I have forgotten things and muddled my way through the day, and I was so pleased when it was time to go home from work and raced to the bus. When I got there my coin purse had vanished in my bag as they do and I put it down on a wall to rumage through. Then finally got on the bus and sat down with my bag on my lap. About halfway through the trip i realised something was not right, my black skirt had white muck all over it. Bird droppings to be precise! I nearly died! I had obviously put my bag down in some on the wall. I was horrified!
So thankfully tonight rd and I went out for a lovely dinner with cousins and friends and redeemed my day and I retold my story and was told it's good luck. I am not so sure about this (perhaps if it gets you while it's flying in the air??) it's pretty yuk actaully! But at least I could laugh about it.
So now I am calm and returned to bed with my brain and listening to some lovely music on my ipod the new Ryan Adams single (can't wait for the album) some new and old school Flaming Lips and a song called Hearts a Mess by Australian band Gotye which I was really not so keen on to start with but it's kinda hypnotic and it's growing on me more and more, quite beautiful really.
The photo is the closest thing I have to a bird picture, I can't remember where it came from. Lovely though.

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