Sunday, 24 June 2007


A while ago i borrowed this Tricia Guild book from the library and thought it was such a great idea, I have read about other people having inspiration scrapbooks full of magazine cut outs and all sorts of bits and pieces. So this year I have started my own and thought I would share a few pages with you. I love pasting them in in groups to give each page a different feel, and it's good to look through when I'm in need of ideas for cards or presents or all sorts of things. The first page is all pinks and reds, I have to say I have always had a thing for pink and right now it's bright strong pink, and I think red and emerald green are fantastic together. There is also a copy of a Basquiat painting whose work i love and find quite complex.

This page is just a few different pictures of how frames could be arranged, I love the idea that is popular right now of sitting frames on the floor against the wall, it can look quite stunning, and i just love that colour blue the door is with the sandstone.

On this last page it's an article about a shop in Sydney called Papier D'Amour I am looking forward to visiting later this year and a few other images I felt worked well.
Really I just like being able to have a notebook I can open at any time and always feel happy and inspired by and it's always nice to have all these ideas together, without having to go hunting through past magazines, altho I do love doing that too!

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alyson. said...

very nice! I've been keeping a inspiration journal for awhile now, and I've got 3 or 4 filled with magazine clippings, drawings, thoughts, colors, ideas, and anything else that inspires me at the moment. I love looking back at them.