Monday, 25 June 2007

Winter Trees

Hi there,

Hope you had a great weekend. Mine involved engagement party's (with fantastic chocolate fountain fondues and flamingo dipping skewers, mmmm) and 5th birthday party's, and lots of laughs and crazy dancing to the Doors.
Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday so tonight I made him a yum-o black forest cake, with a simple chocolate cake recipe and big juicy cherries with some home made raspberry jam to hold it together, and of course chocolate on the top. I hope he will enjoy.

So along with the cake I made him a card, which then expanded into a set of gift tags. I am planning in the near future to open my own etsy store (exciting and nerve wracking at the same time) so I am trying to come up with some different designs. I based the card and gift tags on the winter trees we have right now, so the colours are muted and the leaves are transparant, more skeletal, but I think there is still some warmth in them from the earthy brown and rich brown ribbon.

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Life Is Lovely said...

I adore the original design on your gift tags! I'd love to see them, or ones similar on etsy.