Sunday, 17 June 2007


Yesterday was Bloomsday, a day that commemorates James Joyce's Ulysses. The book is based on a stream of consciousness as the main character Leopold Bloom wanders Dublin on the 16th June 1904, so for the past three years my boyfriend rd and I have celebrated this day and the spirit of wandering in various ways.
This year involved a morning so cold and foggy which cleared into a beautiful winter blue sky, we strolled through the suburbs of Hobart to breakfast, browsing new music, a brief interlude at a slightly dodgy pub, the famous and very good Salamanca markets some lunch at a hidden little cafe and some galleries.
We saw Hobart's Affordable Art exhibition, which is largely amatuer artists and included some tempting works!
There is something special about taking the time to explore the place you live in through new eyes and in a way that is out of the ordinary.


sugarloop© said...

Hooray for affordable art! Thank you for dropping by my blog and the lovely comment :) glad that you liked the prints!

zoesquid said...

Hi Catherine.
I love the Salamanca markets sounds like the perfect day to me. I often wish I lived in Tas so I could get there more often.
Welcome to blogging.
Ive just started too.

missv said...

Sounds like a wonderful day of wandering! You've inspired me to try and and do something in honour of Bloomsday next year.