Tuesday, 16 October 2007


The timing of things is not so great at the moment. I am loving these light and bright summer clothes and shoes (oh I love these sandals!) and yet it is pouring with rain and 10 degrees! That's really one way to let a girl down.
Oh well perhaps some shopping and storing away for finer days is in order. In the meantime I am still content with quiet nights with the heater and scrabble games. By the way I am terrible at this game, it's got to the point where rd laughs at me, and I have to resort to sneaky tactics, like coughing, singing or talking a lot, to try and break his concentration so he doesn't score so well.

The top, dress and sandals are from here and there's plenty more to choose from.


michelle said...

Those sandals are perfect, why oh why can't i find those things when.it.is.hot!!!

Amy Nieto said...

I can only do four letter words at Scrabble. :P

Thanks for your comments! The necklace and all the goodies you see on my blog will be for sale soon soon on my etsy page. :D

LauraB said...

Those sandals ARE perfect. I agree. Sometimes I think I should just go for it and buy out of season clothes so that when spring/summer rolls around I have cute new stuff to pull out.

Sarah said...

Hi Catherine

Thanks for your comment on Matthew and the cookbook. I don't know Matthew personally, just his Mum Kate but I was so upset when I read the article! Life is real sucky sometimes you know?
I love board games, especially Boggle but no one else I know does :(
ha ha - sad aye!

ali said...

Oh, those summery things are so hard to see when it snowed here last night. Happy to hear you are enjoying the sunshine.