Thursday, 8 November 2007


We have an overflowing abundance of lemons lately, they are piled high in the kitchen and they are my favourites. The flavour, the smell and that bright warm sunny yellow, yes they are my favourites. When I was much younger and drew constantly with textas the yellow was always the first to run out of ink.

To make the most of these home grown beauties I have been cooking a lot of sweet lemon dishes lately, lemon tea cake, lemon viennese kisses (the pic above) and I am planning on some vanilla cupcakes with lemon butter icing, and some homemade lemonade (always best served with some freezer chilled vodka!). I am struggling to come up with some savory recipies, but nevermind, a roast chook with a lemon inside and lots of fresh basil is always a winner.

I am glad tomorrow is friday, I am still a little sniffly and flu-y, but surely all this lemon goodness will help me.
Have a wonderful friday everyone
Catherine xx


Robin said...

You're so lucky with all your lemons! You have your own tree? Yes, I agree, lemon is such a fresh flavor and scent. Those lemony puffs look divine!

michelle said... the lemons, you are so lucky, I love love love lemons, I could die in a huge vat of lemon chiffon cake with coconut icing...just lay me to rest amid lemony goodness. wow, those look gooooood.

Blaze said...

Those look so delicious! Now you've made me wish my kitchen was stacked hight with Lemons too!

I can totally identify with you running out of yellow ink! I always seem to be using more of my Winsor Yellow watercolor paint than any other color! Why is that?! (Is it because I'm craving your lemon viennese kisses?! Probably!)

Sarah said...

We have a great lemon tree too but I really need to make more lemony things. Please share some recipes! I ordered a copy of the frankie cookbook. Did you? Hopefully it will arrive soon.
Thanks for your email. I will reply indepth over the wekeend. Have a fabulous friday!

leslie said...
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leslie said...

our lemon tree has been going crazy with lemons for about 4 months now and, after unloading 4 shopping bags onto various friend, i've given up! maybe i should get some of these recipes from you to use them up : )

thanks so much for your birthday wishes yesterday!

ali said...

Mmm. I love lemons too. I think I can smell all the goodness coming from your kitchen....