Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Left Bank Look

The Left Bank Look by Anne Hubert is book of the week at decor8 and I am sooooo in lust. I just had to go order it, so I can find out how to make my own transfers for cushions and tea towels like the ones in the picture, but mainly I had to have it so I can daydream about my new love of bright pink and white.

Top photo from decor8 and bottom from Anne Hubert


Sara Christine said...

Ooo-la-la! I must have this. From the book description online:

C’est si bon! Dyeing, image transfers, painting, easy sewing--these techniques are so simple, even someone from North America can do it.

Haha! Thanks for the fabulous post.

Jennifer R. said...

very cool....i also saw it on Decor 8 and had to order it...cant wait to get it!

Jen Ramos
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