Sunday, 30 March 2008

A Personal Challenge

I have been a terribly bad blogger lately, or a terribly busy one maybe... who knew a three day work week could end up being so hectic! So for the next seven days I am setting myself the challenge of blogging everyday and hopefully sharing some new creations I have been working on. Yesterday I went and stocked up on new gocco supplies, finding some great colours to work with and a wealth of helpful hints on buring screens (something I've had a bit of an issue with!) I have no excuses now.
So be sure to check back in this week and help me stick to my challenge!
Catherine xx


Robin said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the new things you're working on!
I hope things calm down for you!

Sara Christine said...

I want to learn more about gocco. You should move to the States and give me lessons! :)

Looking forward to seeing your new creations. xo

LauraB said...

Hello there, I'm having the same blogging issues. Just wanted you to know that I subscribe to your blog, so if you post something new I'm there! Don't feel pressure!

Good luck with work!