Thursday, 24 April 2008

Long Weekend

It's now officially the long weekend (as of 5:00pm) and I'm excited. We have some great plans for tomorrow, our first Dawn Service for Anzac Day, and I have no doubt I will cry but I think that's not such a bad thing. Followed by walking in the mountains to see our only native deciduous tree changing colour, if past years are anything to go on it should be spectacular and refreshing.
I had been working away on some designs last night, and hoped to share today, but it was slow coming to me and my hand wouldn't follow what my head was picturing. Instead I watched a show about Michael Stipe from REM and Mario Batalli which was quite fascinating, talk about living a surreal life!


littlebyRD said...

I hope you have a lovely long weekend. What is Anzac Day? The picture you posted was quite pretty in its simplicity - I love the colors you are using.

Mrs.French said...

Have wonderful weekend! I can't wait to see the finished product.