Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Thank you for all your well wishes, I am still home resting but feeling much better. I thought I'd cheer myself up by creating a little list of things I'm coveting right now:

Diary - I love new diaries, is it a little early to be thinking about them just yet?
Tray - it's the birch trees that wins me, and that bright green.
Purse - I love all the designs here.
Chocolate fish - so cute and I really feel like a little bit of chocolate!
SLR - actually going to be mine as soon as I can leave the house!
Top - love the graphic print on this.

What are you coveting right now? I'd love to hear.


Michelle said...

I'd love a digital SLR too but a sleep in would do...

littlebyRD said...

Um, I'd pretty much take anything you featured! All great picks but I would have to say my top covetted item would be the camera!

karyn said...

i love your covets, especially the SLR. i'm in desperate need. my little point and shoot is driving me crazy! are you getting a canon?