Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Hi there,

Well I’m feeling pretty beat already this week. The lurgy is lingering and it is extremely frustrating…surely nearly three weeks is a bit extreme Mister Lurgy!

I’ve tried to take it easy but there’s just too much to do, lots of dinner plans this week, observing the day that is Grand Final Day on Saturday, and planning a short trip away in a month or so, also some photographing for this competition I entered as a bit of fun. The box has arrived now I just need some time to think about my shots. It’s tricky...but I like a challenge.



Michelle said...

Lucky you! A new Canon to play with and an amazing competition to enter. The ad is brilliant. Have fun!

That lurgy is a nasty one, it does hang around - take it easy and look after yourself.

potty mouth mama said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! Looks like you've got some good reading/looking (CK catalogue!)

Happy snapping!

littlebyRD said...

Good luck!!