Thursday, 18 September 2008

Spring Mix

Today is my last day home from work after coming down with this terrible lurgy, yay! Since I'm on the mend I had a rather pleasant day, making pumkin and carrot soup, and trawling itunes making a spring mix. Then I took myself off on a walk around the neighbourhood in the sunshine to have a listen. I have to say I'm pretty pleased with it, and felt pretty cheered up, I love how music can do that.

My Spring Mix:
White Noise - The Living End
Blue Song - Mint Royale
I like You So Much Better When You're Naked - Ida Maria
Cape Cod Kwassa KwassaVampire Weekend
It's Alright - Little Red
How Long Do I Have to Wait for You? - Sharon Jones
The Devil Called Me A Liar - Ash Grunwald
This Heart Attack - Faker
Always Where I Need To Be - The Kooks


laceyJ. said...

Lovely mix! I definitely agree- if you've got some great tunes, it definitely can cheer you right up!

Sara Christine said...

Love this photo. Great use of color and light. Glad you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I love this photo!! What a cute puss! ;) I'm glad you're feeling better!!

Mrs.French said...

yay! thanks for the mix...I am going to listen now...

littlebyRD said...

Can't wait to listen to these! The sun shining looks so warm and wonderful. Glad you are feeling better!

Laura B said...

I have music that just picks me up too, and that soup sounds yum!