Tuesday, 9 September 2008


I would love this new print from Good Shape Design for my lovely boyfriend Rd. I think this print is so perfect for him 'cause you couldn't find a person who loves trees more. Plus it looks pretty cool.

Via DesignSponge


Amber said...

Just thought I would let you know who won the next "Paying It Forward" gift since you were also one. At midnight of the 7/8th I selected Leslie of "The Hungry Housewife". I do not know how to link in my posts on a Mac so if you do please let me know. She is in my Tasty Links though so you can click there and say hi and congratulations. I think it is fun to follow where this leads.

Food blogs do PIF a little different...a package of favorite and local products to one person.

I love the plate of strawberries photo, the feet on the floor are so small it seems so abstract.

Laura B said...

I love this print too! I wish I could print :)

daydream lily said...

oo a blog makeover. I likey :-)