Thursday, 2 October 2008


It’s that time again friends, the tag. I’ve been tagged by Michelle (yay another Tasmanian!) and loved reading some more about her.
I’m passing this one on to everyone, ‘cause I am a stickybeak and love reading about other people.

So, six things about me:

1. I'm not brilliant at making decisions, in fact it is a struggle at times. I'd much prefer someone just tell me what I have to do, which is sad when I think about it. Case in point - SLR camera, I know what I want in terms of the body but when it come with which lens to buy with it etc, all too hard so I have just put it off. Decisions must be made!!

2. I feel sad that I couldn’t master the art of crochet. As much as I tried earlier this year and had grand plans and visions, purchasing this book, buying the wool for a blanket, it was to no avail. My skills are seriously lacking people.

3. When I was a child would spend hours at the kitchen table drawing, covering it in pens and paper, and my yellow textas would always run out first. It was my absolute favourite colour. Now if I was to draw like that again, I think it would be the green to run out first.

4. My favourite sweets are Oddfellow peppermints, and they have to be crunched and munched on! This seems to be a family trait because my granddad was an Oddfellow man, always having a stash in the cupboard and my mum loves them too. They aren’t just your average peppermint, and I’ve never really come across anyone else who likes them.

5. I love trivial pursuit and quizzes. Twice a month I go to a local quiz night with some friends. This has developed into quite a serious challenge because the questions are always so very random and are hardly ever about music (my pet topic) or current events or seemingly anything I know something about. We never get close to winning but it’s a lot of fun and a nice excuse to have a quiet beer on a Monday night.

6. My current neighbours drive me nuts! Living in a big old house divided into four flats means that I get to lie in bed most nights and listen to my neighbours music blaring at midnight. The funny thing is I don’t think I would mind if they were playing something I liked, but neighbours with bad taste = no fun.


littlebyRD said...

Oh yes, I have been there (bad & loud neighbors). Not too fun. Maybe they will move soon :)
I also couldn't master crochet - I just

Michelle said...

Thanks for playing!

I'm with you on SLRs - I think they are sooo confusing with all those features both body and lens. Easy enough to put off a decision on that.

kee and fi said...

hey! i used to have the blog origamination but changed when i moved to melbourne. you first inspired me to learn how to crochet. and now i can! just finished a pair of moccasins for a new baby, and am half way through an amazing afghan! its so fun! i also have that book and found it confusing. keep going! i went to a community class and just two lessons made such a difference! keep going! you can do it!

Miss Lady Finger said...

I have a talk for you to complete this weekend dearest! Sit down at your kitchen table, with a cup of tea, a pad of paper and some colour pencils/textas. See what you come up with! I did this this morning, although just with a black ink pen. Come visit my blog to see the result!
Oh, and I must say.....I love Oddfellows! Yum.... xxx