Monday, 11 May 2009


Ugh I have a serious case of Monday blah happening today.

Bad points: it’s Monday (obviously!) and I had to leave my nice house to sit at my work desk for eight hours (not even one meeting today), it’s been grey outside, and I think I need a holiday.

Good points: I got to wear my new mittens this morning (absolutely beautiful), I had a raspberry jelly lamington for lunch, and the kitty faces above make me smile. I had my first blurb book printed up, it is brilliant. The software to make the books is quite addictive, rearranging and editing what should go where. Definitely an enjoyable time waster!

Oh and very exciting one of my pictures is featured on the gorgeous Creature Comforts. mmm maybe monday isn't so blah after all!


Sarah said...

Hi Catherine! I love your blurb book! Your cats are so photogenic. I love them. And nice work re: Creature Comforts!

Martina said...

Hi Catherine...I love the book...Mac do a similar thing on i-photo and I have been meaning to do one using our two little bichons as the central characters! Yours looks great so I am reminded to get on with mine -chop chop I say!

Jac said...

Your blurb book looks fantastic Catherine. I'm going to check your link to Creature Comforts - how exciting!!