Friday, 5 February 2010

Happy Friday

This weekend I’m looking forward to:
* a three day break (thanks to regatta day on monday)
* finally seeing Bright Star
* lots of crafty work because I’m having a stall at the odd + even market next Saturday (13th)
* a road trip on sunday and discussing decoration’s for my cousin’s wedding, I love that I get to help out with this!
* baking some lemonade scones (after seeing Sarah’s!)
* finishing my book
and the obligatory eggs for breakfast!


Anna said...

Sounds like a very busy weekend ahead of you Catherine..but a fun one. Good luck with your stall...let us know how it all goes x

Amanda said...

How exciting that you'll be having a stall!! Your bags will sell like hotcakes I'm sure :) How nice that you have a long weekend and that you are helping with your cousin's wedding - weddings are always so much fun. Enjoy the lemonade scones x

littlebyrd said...

Breakfast looks delicious!! And your weekend is just chock full of such good things! Have fun :)

Martina said...

Love this photo Catherine (I have poached egg on toast most mornings for my brekkie - yum!). Your weekend sounds like it'll be a good one and...a stall..very impressive! Enjoy!

Sarah B said...

How lovely of you to mention my scones!!Thank you.
Sounds lke you have a great weekend planned. I'll be loking forward to hearing about the decorations - how exciting.
I have to work next weekend but will try to drop by the odd+even market as it is often a good one.
Have a great weekend Catherine!!

Amanda said...

hope your eggs didn't get cold when you snapped that pic! they look yum.

Hope you're having a great weekend
love Amanda