Friday, 19 March 2010

Happy Friday

Happy Friday!
This week has vanished before my eyes, I seem to have lost track of blogging altogether. I hope everyone has lovely plans for the weekend? I am off to a friend’s wedding on Bruny Island, fingers crossed the weather will be decent, I think it’s going to be good fun!

PS I made the heart paper chain above for wrapping the gift, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.


Sarah B said...

Your paper hearts are great - Have a wonderful weekend down on Bruny, I haven't been there in ages but it's a great spot. Love the ferry ride over. Have fun!

melissa said...

Hope it's not too cold. My parents were there a fortnight ago and it was 9 degrees (they'd left 30 degrees in Melbourne I think!).

Have fun!

Amanda said...

So glad your week has flown by quickly Catherine. Love the paper hearts. Hope you have a great time at your friend's wedding. Didn't mean to embarass you on my last blog post but I thought it was so sweet of you to send me that little gift :)

la casita said...

hi catherine, lovely hearts.
have lots of fun in that beautiful island!
happy, happy weekend.

Amanda said...

have fun on Bruny, the hearts are gorgeous.

see u soon

amanda said...

i'm sure it will be fantastic! regardless of weather, weddings are simply charming.

and the pair hearts are lovely. who wouldn't love a gift wrapped in paper hearts!

Martina said...

Love the Paper Hearts Catherine! Have a wonderful weekend and hope you enjoy the wedding :) Delighted that you are a SOTC person especially as I love the pictures you take!

Cassie said...

Love those paper hearts - what a fantastic idea!

Hope you have a super fun weekend!


Laura B said...

This is beautiful, hearts make such great decorations. Hope you had a lovely weekend :)

Jac said...

I love the garland Catherine, who cares about the present when the wrapping is so pretty! Glad you had a lovely time at the wedding.