Friday, 18 June 2010


Hi there,

Sorry things have been a little quiet here this week. I've spent the last two days sleeping with bad sinus'. No fun, and I wanted to go for drinks with friends tonight but instead I think it will be a quiet one on the couch. Double no fun.

Oh well. Here are some pictures from around my house, thread for a new crafty project, my grey blanket that I am in love with, and some pink tulips for extra cheer.

I'm hoping my antibiotics will kick in soon so I can enjoy the weekend. The plan is to paint the ironing board in my hall, I think it's time to say goodbye to the blue. I hope you all have a lovely weekend too.


Sarah B said...

That's no good Catherine - hope you are feeling better soon. I discovered a website the other day with lovely house stuff that I think you'll like - I'm sure the fabric in the window of Ruby's Room is on the site...
so many things I'd like, including the floral mounted deer head :)
Maybe a litle peek will help you feel a bit better :)

la casita said...

Hope you'll feel better soon!

Casie said...

Oh gosh, that reminds me, I bought thread and I still haven't done anything with it *sigh*.

Enjoy the treats from Melbourne. Can't wait to see them!

Have a good weekend, I do hope you feel better.

Jac said...

Ugh, sinus sounds pretty horrible; I've only had sinusitis once and it was soo painful... Probably a good idea for you to take things easy and rest so that you get better quicker. Your threads look great and I'm wondering what you are going to get up to?! I love your grey blanket - it looks so soft and cozy - probably just what you need right now! Take it easy and I hope you feel better soon! xo

Amanda said...

Hope those antibiotics have kicked in and you're starting to feel a bit better. I love the colours of those threads - can't wait to see your little crafty project. What colour are you thinking of painting your ironing board? LOVE that grey blanket - I'm after a similar style throw in a cream colour - where did you get yours?

Cassie said...

Oh I hope you feel better very soon.

I am sure snuggled down under that gorgeous blanket you will start to feel its healing power soon!


green tea and red nails said...

oh love the blanket! i have been looking for a nice grey one for my white couch!

hops you are feelng better by now!