Tuesday, 17 August 2010


At the moment I have a funny thing for confetti, I think it is the colours. Expect to see a few more shots over the next few weeks.

Today I felt stuck, like I need to do something different, be somewhere different. I'm not sure what or where. It's a frustrating feeling. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Jenna said...

love your confetti. is it tissue paper?

i'm with you on the "stuck" feeling. maybe it's august doldrums

Leah said...

I get that feeling too sometimes, it's funny how it comes and goes!

Love the confetti!


Sarah B said...

Great photos Catherine!
Hopefully the doldrums go soon. Isn't it great that the days are getting longer? It will soon be summer!

Casie said...

Catherine, I get this feeling all the time. I constantly feel the need to see new things and go to different places. Sometimes it can be as simple as taking a slightly longer/different route home looking at different gardens/house facades. Other times it might be flicking through a book on a subject I know very little about from the library or visiting a gallery (I'm lucky that I work in the "Arts precinct")

Tee up something awesome for this weekend and break out of the rut! Good luck.

It followed me home said...

*Sigh*.... i feel ya.
Hope it passes soon.

Becca said...

Oh I like how you photographed the confetti in the leaves. So creative. And the colors are beautiful!

Amanda said...

Such pretty photos, especially the second shot. Grace would have a ball with your bowl of pretty coloured confetti :)