Thursday, 3 February 2011

Seven things

Late last year the Captain from In Search of the Real Captain KK (whose blog I love visiting and who has a most enviable collection of marimekko homewares!! ) tagged me to share seven things about myself and then pass it on.
So better late than never here it is:

1. Clearly I am very bad at responding to tags, actually I can be slow at commenting too.... I really don’t mean to be at all, it’s often just that after a full day in front of the computer at work going home and sitting in front of a computer is not ideal. Instead I tend to read a lot of blogs on my iphone…and commenting on one of those is not so easy, I do read lots of blogs though!

2. I recently got new glasses…I feel like a cross between Where’s Wally and Harry Potter, they are twice the size of my old ones and black but I kinda like them. (I really can't see far without them at all!)

3. I really dislike having to get up in the mornings, my alarm usually goes off at least four times before I can get it together.

4. I will always remember the smell of going to the beach near my grandparent’s shack on a summer day as a child, a cross between salty air, pine trees and warm sand.

5. I can’t sing at all whatsoever but when I am alone in the car I have a tendency to, I would hate for anyone to ever hear me : )

6. I always thought I would move away from Hobart and live in Melbourne or some other big city, but over time have realised that it doesn’t get much better than living here. Plus Melbourne is only an hour away on a plane!

7. This song gets me every time, I saw them play it a few years ago and it was epic and beautiful and unforgettable. Not to mention perfectly crazy, if you've seen them you will know what I mean : )

I'd like to pass this on, if you would like to play, to:
Jane from Ill Seen Ill Said
Linnea from Linnea Paulina
Anna from Wsake and
Martina from six black dots


Amanda said...

I love these tags - it's fun getting to know fellow bloggers more :)

WSAKE said...

i just read your post, thinking after each number you wrote "me too, me too, just like me" and then i saw you tagged me... thank you so much...i hope i won´t copy everything you told us about you since it felt so familiar ( and it probably will take some time to get it together for me, too...)

Ali said...

Your photos are beautiful - this year I resolve to cut more of my hydrangeas to bring into the house.

captain kk said...

i love your 7 things. i've been wanting to do a holiday to tassie for years & visit hobart in particular. i tried to convince my sister to come with me & hire a winnebago for the trip, but no luck so far. maybe i'll just book a quick weekend trip & just do it.
p.s. i know exactly what you mean about reading lots of blogs on your iphone & finding it way too difficult to comment on them. we'll just have to upgrade to ipads :)
x captn

Sarah B said...

I like the sound of your where's wally glasses. Are they plastis? I like plastis glasses - I have a few pairs.
I agree, there's no need to move to Melbourne when it is so nice here and pretty easy to fly over for a visit. Have a lovely Friday :)

Sarah B said...

Whoops, I meant "plastic". How did a get that wrong twice?
ps I knwo what you mean about commenting on an iphone I use my iTouch to blog read a lot but it's a bit of an effort to comment :)

flwrjane said...

I came to you via ill seen ill said and have enjoyed every moment of your blog.

Now I'm off to check out who you favor.


Jane Flanagan said...

Thank you for tagging me!! I'll try to respond soon, I promise. It's always nice to learn some new things about you!!

Materialist said...

I'm relatively new to the blogosphere but I love the idea that it is a charming little community sharing beautiful things and ideas. I'll be thinking about what my seven things might be for the rest of the day, I think.