Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I haven’t done much craft at all over the past year really, I’m not sure why but sadly I kinda lost my mojo. Then I decided I wanted to make something big and bright for my friend’s birthday, and inspired by these balloons in the US, finally got my craft on last week. I enjoyed it so much, I had forgotten that satisfactory feeling of making something. I found the tutorial on how to make tissue paper tassels here, so simple really but quite effective.

 Now I’m thinking I might have a go at making one of these, crossed with this, for my own birthday in a few weeks....maybe anyway!


Sarah B said...

Yay for crafty mojo returning! Yes, you should make one if those piniatas, I like those blue and green ones. They look lovely in a group :)

Martina said...

So the lanterns too!

{ sunday collector } said...

Very cool! I love that balloon shot too - soooo gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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bethany said...

These are amazing! I had something similar at my wedding...but the cost was a bit insane, and I kept looking at them during the day and thinking, "I should have just made these."

Love your color combo, too! :)

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nicole said...

these are so rad! do you have a shop where you sell things like this or your felt creations? everything is so lovely! oxo

oscarlucinda said...

thinking of making something similar for saskia's birthday....but where did you source the metallic paper from? x