Monday, 30 April 2012


I had last week off for a rather needed holiday and got away to country Victoria and Melbourne for a few days. It was really lovely, despite the fact that it rained in the city the whole time! We had some fantastic food: went back to Pizza Verde in Kyneton, dinners at Hu Tong and Movida Aqui, breakfast at the European, lunch at Earl Canteen and cupcakes from Little Cupcakes....mmm now I am hungry just thinking about it! I also did some shopping to stock up on basics, which was a bit dull, but necessary. Oh and I also got bitten by the Instagram bug, I’ve been hesitant about it for a while, but it is so easy while being on holiday to use the iphone rather than lug the slr about. So above are some of my shots...I'm littleglowinglights.


Olivilla said...

love your holidays!!!!! they sound great!

Sarah B said...

I'd love to go out into the country town a bit instead of always stay in the city. Its nice just getting away anywhere though, isn't it?
You would have enjoyed the Finders Keepers but never mind, we can't be everywhere at once! I can recommend the Mod ceramics and I'm sure they'd post them to you if you were tempted!
I know what you mean about slr cameras, I suppose that's why I'm tempted to opt for a compact camera. Not sure what to do :)

Lucent Imagery said...

My friend, these photos look awesome together! I have just acquired a smart phone but haven't installed instagram yet. I want to be very sure before I do, and don't want to get caught up in it. But the more I find out people I love, know or admire are on it, the more I contemplate it. So glad you had a good (albeit wet) trip away. xx

lin741852 said...
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