Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Snowy Easter Break

I spent the easter break at a friends place up in the Tasmanian highlands, so nice to get away and just take it very easy, the most exciting part though was waking up to snow yesterday morning!

  PS it was my friend's 30th birthday so I got a massive balloon and decked it out with tissue paper tassels, I made a cake too - it will be up on Island Menu this week.


Amanda said...

How lovely to have been able to enjoy all that snow! Glad you had a happy Easter x

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Wow, snow at Easter time! Beautiful.

Sarah B said...

Boy that looks bitterly cold, but very beautiful. It must have been nice to get away for a bit, I haven't done that in ages x

It followed me home said...

Wow, such beautiful photos. Looks like a lovely Easter.

Simi S. (purple-orange-yellow.blogspot.com) said...

Beautiful colors.

Anonymous said...

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Martina said...

Snow!! Yay...love the blue balloon and your green jeans..these photos are great! Hope you are well Catherine.

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