Monday, 27 October 2014

Interior love - little style

My first baby related interiors post, and highly unlikely to be the last! In many ways I feel I out of my depth to blog about pregnancy here, over the last 22 weeks I don't feel like I have become an expert of any kind and certainly don't have any major revelations I feel I must share. At the moment I read bits and pieces from a small selection of sources and ask my doctor questions, but on the whole my body seems to know what it is meant to do and I am content with that. So in that context I don't think it's very 'me' to start writing posts about that side of things, even the word pregnancy still makes me feel a bit icky (I know I should be more mature than that!).

Interiors though, that is a whole different thing! And most likely baby clothes and toys....I have clear ideas on both of those and feel it fits in better with this blog.

Although the baby will sleep in our room for the first few months or so in a bassinet (the same one I slept in as a baby) I have plans for a nursery, which will be the little room I currently use as a study, and I'm pretty excited about that project.

So for starters, with most fortunate timing, is the newly released Rachel Castle cot linen. I love that top image very much, the colours and the simplicity. We won't know if we are having a boy or a girl until the birth, but oh if it is a girl I'm using that image for my inspiration!


dear olive said...

I'm already feeling jealous of your babies nursery! And I am in love with that bed. Kellie xx

ally said...

Gorgeous bed - and linen - I'd like that too
I'm feeling clucky again (but, no!)

ps...You might like to know that the current recommendations are that babies sleep in their parents room for 12 months (!) so no need to hurry on the nursery!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You do have the right feeling about your body, go on with it the natural way, you're strong and healthy, not at all does getting to have a baby mean being ill -- I just think it's sad, when women get so unsure about their needs during pregnancy and child bird not to mention the very (!) few material needs of their babies. On the pictured bedding: both designs are adorable, honestly, I had also chosen the first image for inspiration, and my child is a 5 year old boy! I know he would prefer the colour palette of the first picture. I guess what I want to say is: be prepared and open for surprises and unexpected discoveries! Btw I really like reading your blog, very inspiring writing and photos, thanks for it, keep on blogging!