Sunday, 7 January 2018

last week of the break

This year I decided to take an extra week off work for the break and it was a good decision (I now wish I had taken another!). Matt was away for a few days mountain bike riding, but fortunately Elroy had care a few of the days, which meant I was completely solo and free to do whatever I wanted. I took myself out for lunch both days (and went to the gym), had a facial, shopped at Grey and Felt, listened to music that no one else in our house likes (loudly) and read.

So good, it really helped and I do feel like I have had a holiday. I have relised that is a very important thing for me to do this year, do things that are 'me' and make me feel 'me' otherwise it all gets too hard. So in that vein I went to see Chali 2na and Krafty Kuts last night with a friend from school and danced to hip hop for two hours, sure I felt old but that's ok, it was fun.

I'm dreading the return of routine and drudgery this week, I wish I knew how to manage it better, that's going to be interesting.

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