Wednesday, 11 April 2018

what I've been listening to, reading, and watching lately

I keep meaning to write about different things, but time gets away from me, so this is going to be a bit of a collection of random things on my mind. We've been having a quiet time lately, weekends with family and friends, I've been trying to lesson my screen time (well social media screen time) and spend more time just playing with Elroy. I think it's been working for us. And the seasons have definitely shifted, we did not have the usual March weather and I feel like April has been tougher to deal with than normal. It's dark so early - already!

I'm looking forward to seeing Isle of Dogs, super excited in fact. I've been listening to, and really enjoying, Adam Buxton's podcasts lately and his conversation with Wes Anderson and Garth Jennings was very enjoyable. I also really enjoyed his conversations with Jonny Greenwood, Paul Thomas Anderson and Greta Gerwig. Next on my list is Sharon Horgan.

Record Store Day is coming up, and there is a lot to choose from on the lists, I think there are about five different ones I want, so I'm hoping out local record store gets a few in.

Yesterday I got a copy of This is Home by Natalie Walton, and read quite a bit last night. I felt compelled to get a pen and notebook out and make notes. It made me think a lot about making our house a home. I do feel like it needs to be perfect, but the book helps to make the point that a home is made over time and that you can't just buy a heap of things and expect it to work. I need time and patience, a plan and some insight into what we want.

I started watching Paris etc on SBS on demand and I'm really enjoying it, something different for a change.

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