Friday, 8 June 2018

long weekend

The June long weekend is finally here! There’s something bittersweet about this long weekend, it’s always most welcome after the (what feels like) eternity since easter, but it also signifies the true start to winter and the long slog until the next one in October! We have a few plans for the weekend, I’m hoping we will get a day trip in somewhere one day, we will celebrate Jerry’s 6th birthday (he truly is my first, and possibly most demanding baby - the volumes those eyes and looks speak is impressive), and catch up with friends.

I’m also hoping to finish my book (I’m reading One Hundred Years of Solitude), watch a few more episodes of Sweetbitter (really enjoying that), listen to Echoes in Blue before we see City Calm Down in a few weeks, and maybe cook some pasta from scratch. Oh, and I have an idea for a little screen print in mind....if I get through half these plans I’ll feel successful!

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