Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Somehow it is already July and half the year is gone. I don't know where my head has been at lately, normally I am a very forward-thinking, planning ahead type of person, but not at all lately. Actually it has been rather nice to just let it go. June was pretty busy, we had Matt's birthday, my Dad's birthday, lots going on at work, I made blurb books for each of Elroy's firth three years, and we ended the month seeing City Calm Down (they are so so good live) which was a nice treat.

My current project is to fix up and finish off our bedroom, which I think back in the day must have been the living room, and it has always felt a bit that way. I took the last two days off work to start painting the hideous dark brick fireplace, two coats of sealant and two coats of primer later and I think we are finally getting there. I've picked out some simple filtering curtains and have plans to make a linen bedhead, and then once the joiner makes the doors for our new wardrobe, I think it will be a completely different room. A proper grown up bedroom! It's been good to have a project, we have plenty more to do around the house (and soooooo much painting to do outside) and I need to keep it all going.So that's the plan for July.

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