Sunday, 22 July 2018

winter blues

Some photographs from the last week. I've really been trying to take more photo's lately, it's true you only get better if you practice, and I want to get better. I have reached a point where I need some things for myself to focus on, outside Elroy and most definitely outside work (it's been a rough ride with work lately).

That middle photograph, can you believe that was taken mid-July. It looks almost summery, but it was still pretty cool and that water was freezing! Not that Jerry cares, because a) he's not the smartest dog and b) he has a woolly coat not dissimilar to a sheep.

So, the plan is more photography, reading books, watching films (I've got this - LOVED Beginners - on my list, and also this), listening to records (I'm pre-ordering this and this, and loving Woodes who we saw supporting City Calm Down), maybe some more cooking and screen printing (I've a few ideas developing). We've also booked a holiday to Auckland and I'm really looking forward to that. All this I'm hoping will keep my mind absorbed and inspired

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