Tuesday, 5 January 2021

christmas and new year 2020

It’s officially no longer 2020. Here’s hoping that is a very good thing for this world of ours. I feel like Tasmania was a little bubble last year, one I was happy to live in, but still felt overwhelmed by anxiety and reading the news. Personally, it was a mix of bloody hard (no sleep, no personal time out, absolutely crappy sinusitis, work stress) but on the other hand, there were my beautiful boys and seeing them grow and learn, play together, and time with Matt who always makes me laugh. 

We had a busy Christmas and new year break, I think we had six days of lunches in a row, three of them at our house! But it was lovely. Our Christmas day didn’t start too early (yay!), and we didn’t have to do too much cooking, but we had such a good lunch with grandparents (pretty sure we now have the menu down pat!) which lasted for most of the afternoon. It was so nice not to have to go anywhere. 

The last four days of the break we had to ourselves, on New Year’s Eve we made crayfish rolls (based on the supernormal lobster rolls), drank sparkling and had pavlova with berries. Elroy stayed up for the 9:30 fire works, danced to Ben Lee singing ‘we’re all in this together’ and then we all went to bed. A very fitting end to the year. We went to one of our favourite beaches the next day, I think it has become an unofficial tradition to go to the beach on new year’s day. Rufus is mad keen on the water and was soaked in no time, and Elroy followed the crabs and dug holes. It made me very happy.

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