Thursday, 11 October 2007

Little Exciting Moments

I am so excited, my heart just leaped a mile. Listening to the new radiohead, a little late I know but last night I went out and saw this (which is the most gorgeous beautiful film I have seen in a very long time not to mention the soundtrack...sigh) anyway there's a track called Nude, which when I heard it turned out to be Big Ideas! I have loved this song for so long and it hasn't been released until now. Very exciting, well for me anyway!
Besides my musical excitment, I am feeling quite inspired to make another gocco attempt. There seems to be so many beautiful things around at the moment that I feel I have no choice but to do something to be a part of it all.
Oh and tomorrow's friday, even better.


Robin said...

I love what you say about having no choice but to be a part of it all. What a nice way to put it! I feel like that a lot, too. I'm looking forward to seeing your prints.

Sarah said...

Hi Catherine

They sent me a new coode for in rainbows and it worked. Hurrah!
So glad you loved Once. Who wouldn't? I saw it at the film festival a couple of months ago and am eagerly waiting it to come back on general release so I can go again. I even looked up the movies on currently in Melbourne but I couldn't see it playing. And finally last night I found the soundtrack after searching everywhere and being told that they don't stock it, haven't heard of it. Well they are missing out!
When do you head to Sydney?

Sarah said...

Ooh a new COODE. Well that's a new word!

zoesquid said...

Hi Catherine,
Not sure what your photo is - but I love the color combination of red and pink. Looks devine. Have a great weekend.

Amy Nieto said...

Oh my. Went to the film's website and saw the trailer. What a wonderful movie this looks. Will try to see it (not sure how, though).

And yes! Big Ideas! I noticed that, too! This Radiohead album is fantastic.

Thank you for posting on my blog, too, I appreciate it :D

tulibri said...

Catherine, as I enjoy your blog very much, I have passed on my "Rockin' Girl Blogger' award to you!
Read more:

Sarah said...

Can't wait to see the print! Did it work out ok? I have been trying to work out a registration system for my gocco, about 60% success so far... but its all fun isn't it :)