Sunday, 6 April 2008

Setting of the Rising Sun

How great is this print from Good Shape Design, I love the yellow and the spots, I have such a thing for black and navy blue spots right now, can't get enough of them!

The title of the print is appropiate too, Setting of the Rising Sun, today we farewelled daylight savings and I seem to have made good use of the extra hour. I have been working away on more memo books and the pile is building, and cooking up a storm making a big lasagne, plum coconut slice for morning tea treats this week, and finally, learning (with the help of my chef brother) to make profiteroles! mmm mmm (........ok I watched while he made)!

Oh and rd if you read this: I LOVE this print, hint hint bithrday coming up!


Anna said...

I love this too, I've been thinking about buying it for my new house... I have the Flock print in red and I think they would look good in my living room (one day, when we eventually start building). It would be a great bday present :)

Stephanie said...

Great posters on that site...agreed. I love the orange one featured on Oh Happy Day awhile back. P.S. Your Etsy shop is adorable. Everything you make is fabulous!