Monday, 31 March 2008

Bent Wood Chair

Ever since I saw this brilliant yellow bent wood chair in a magazine last year I have wanted to find my own to paint. Last week the search ended and for the bargain price of $5.50 I found one the exact same shape as the one above at the recycle shop. It needs a little work, screws tightening and a wash and some sanding.
The hard part for me is choosing a colour, while I love the boldness of yellow I am not sure it's right for me. I think perhaps a blue or green, but then maybe a bright pink? It's terribly difficult! Here are some possible options:

Paints from Porter's Paints from left to right: Jungle Frog, Snow Pea, Dew, Napoleon, Bodice.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

A Personal Challenge

I have been a terribly bad blogger lately, or a terribly busy one maybe... who knew a three day work week could end up being so hectic! So for the next seven days I am setting myself the challenge of blogging everyday and hopefully sharing some new creations I have been working on. Yesterday I went and stocked up on new gocco supplies, finding some great colours to work with and a wealth of helpful hints on buring screens (something I've had a bit of an issue with!) I have no excuses now.
So be sure to check back in this week and help me stick to my challenge!
Catherine xx

Monday, 24 March 2008

Watching the World Go By

I love this view, the leftover paper flower blooms from rd's birthday the blue sky and little white clouds. I watched this for quite a while yesterday, seeing the clouds form and appear from nowhere, then float away and replaced by another. Kind of cathartic, definitely calming.

Easter break has been everything I had anticipated and I am well and truely in relax mode now! This morning, after watching Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom)!, we went to the park to have a throw of the frisbee, but ended up sitting on the bench for a while just watching the people in the park and the world around us going by. I love having the oportunity to do something like this.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful break.
Catherine xx

Thursday, 20 March 2008

New Finds

Hi there,

Hope everyone is having a great thursday! I certainly am, I now have five days off and I plan to relax take it easy and catch up on some movies, crochet, drawing, mmm lovely I have been dreaming about this for some time now.
I had to share a picture of my latest finds because I am a little bit excited about the cut glass jug (ok understatement, really excited!). I have been collecting cut glass for the past few years and on the weekend went into an antique store and spied it straight away and clutched it very tightly while I looked around, there was no way I was letting go. It is much larger than any others I have seen around and can easily double as a vase. The blue plates are to match several others I have previously bought, there is something about that blue that makes me buy it!
I hope everyone has a wonderful easter break.

Catherine xx

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Interior Love

This week I am so taken with the home of French designer Manon Gignoux, somthing about the colours, all the materials and textiles, the red and the grey in the kitchen, oh well pretty much everything! Found in the feb 08 World of Interiors.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Inside the Box

I love these boxes by designer Wendy Plomp, the idea of opening a plain brown caardboard box only to find amazing patterns and designs inside. I particularly love that egg yolk yellow and white design, so perfect!

This Weekend

This weekend we went away camping in the far south-west of the island, which is stunningly beautiful and generally rugged and wild, but we had the most amazing still warm weather. While rd went off climbing mountains, I sat and read and relaxed, just enjoying the vast space.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Crazy, Crazy (in a good way!)

Wow so much for quiet time! Life has been crazy crazy, but in a good way!
Last friday I got to see one of my most favourite musician/singers perform the most amazing show. There is something about his voice and the music that just goes right to my very core and grabs and moves me in a way I find hard to describe, except it is one of the best feelings ever. I love the fact that music can do that, can transport you to another place and mesmerise.

Then on saturday I headed off for a long weekend in Melbourne, caught up on some serious shopping, eating nice food, enjoying the heat (37 degrees!), and seeing the Nick Cave exhibition. It was such a great collection of his work, notebooks, journals, personal items, a very intense, clever person. I was particularly pleased to see in real life some Anton Corbijn photographs, I have a book of his work (including the Nick Cave pictures) but the effect in reality is quite stunning. His use of shadow and light and just capturing a person is very special.

Following Melbourne I spent a few days in our capital Canberra for work. What a crazy place! The best part by far was managing to skive off at lunch time and get to see our Parliament in action. (Yes I am very much a political nerd I'm afraid, I do love this stuff!)The first thing we saw was the Prime Minister announce that that day Australia's enforcement of the Kyoto Protocol would come into effect, finally, so fantastic. Then we got to see all the performance and ceremony of question time, actually quite amusing and entertaining.

Now I am back home and looking back amazed at how much I have done, and yet tonight too is such a special night, my four year aniversary with rd, so it's out for dinner to celebrate!
I'll sleep and be quiet sometime later!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


I am feeling a little quiet at the moment. It seems to be one of those weeks where the days are slow and my spare time in the evening speeds by. It makes me a little introspective, when I am sitting at work I create all these great lists of things I want to do and create in mind and then when it comes to my own time I seem to lack the space and clarity I had earlier.
How do you find the time to do everything, to fit everything in and feel like you are making some progress on that list in your mind! I am trying to work this out, I feel so inspired and willing, I am sure time will settle things.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Lines & Shapes

The images from this new project called Lines & Shapes, curated by Lena Corwin and Maria Vettese, are so simple and soft. I am very taken with them and I love the idea of the project, interpreting a different theme for each volume. The theme for the first book is a circle, wonderful and very inspiring.