Sunday, 11 January 2009

28 Things

The lovely Cheryl from Al Ain Notebook tagged me a little while ago with a "7 random things about me" meme. I was thinking about this and then decided that, as it is the start of a new year, I would mix it up a little and do a list of my 28 things for 2009 (I turn 28 this year- it seemed appropriate).

1. Be more organised - with everything from grocery shopping, to house cleaning and making sure there is time for all the things I would like to do.
2. Make a new music mix disc once every month.
3. Cook myself a proper dinner at least twice a week - macaroni cheese does not count!
4. Take lots and lots of photo's.
5. Leave work thoughts at work.
6. Save money.
7. Spend more quiet time with Rd.
8. Learn to drive a manual car.
9. Go swimming in the sea.
10. Get a watch to wear.
11. Go to a crochet class.
12. Take a proper holiday.
13. Exercise more - no more avoiding the hill walking home from work.
14. Have another market stall.
15. Complete a quilt.
16. Go camping.
17. Read more books.
18. No more nail biting.
19. Go see lots of live music.
20. Be creative.
21. Be positive.
22. Do more yoga.
23. Have friends over for dinner more often.
24. Be better at commenting on all the blogs I read.
25. Look at the dictionary more often - learn new words.
26. Go and see the nothofagus turning.
27. Finish a project before starting on a new one.
28. Be happy : )


Cheryl said...

Hi Catherine! Thanks for doing this meme - I love the twist. There are so many things about this list that I loveloveloveylove. What is better than more time reading, more cooking, friends, and I love that you walk to work. xx

Lin said...

Best wishes for completing all of these!

Laura B said...

What a great list! Good luck in them all, and I hope you manage more than 2 proper dinners a week, make soup, that counts in my book :)

kee and fi said...

excellent list! i turn 27 this year so i think i might have to do the same. last year my only resolution was to learn to crochet! and i did! I know you can too as I've been following how long you have wanted to crochet for...happy new year :) said...

Great list! I think I'm going to steal a few of your suggestions. It's good to remind ourselves of these things every so often.

Rachel said...

I love your list. I think I may have to steal a few of these from you. If we weren't so far away, I'd happily volunteer to give you a crochet lesson.

jodi said...

this is a great list!

Anna said...

Good list, lots of these are on my new years resolution list too (mind you, they were also on last years and didn't quite make it to reality). Did you see the white watch in the current real living magazine, it's very pretty.
Not sure what it would feel like though.