Sunday, 15 March 2009

This Weekend

I've been in a bit of a fuzzy haze, I'm still adjusting to changes in my life, it's been hard. No matter what I do my mind is elsewhere, so I went with it this weekend and had lots of quiet time:

* learning to crochet again,
* downloading and listening to the entire Joe Stummer London Calling radio show, his music selections are amazing from Van the man, the Stones, Hendrix, Dylan,underworld, nina simone, and so much music from Africa, Columbia, India.. you name it it's in there. (I feel I have undergone a musical revelation in one weekend)
* choc royale biscuits for afternoon tea, marshmallow-y goodness,
* visiting this lovely little market
and listening to rain and thunderstorms.

4 comments: said...

take care of yo'self. do you have a garden? i find gardening is very meditative for me?

rinse repeat said...

Aw. I know I don't know you, but I'm giving you non-creepy internet hugs. I'm glad Joe Strummer was there for you this weekend :)

Just an FYI...I am a horrible blogger, and the queen of procrastination. I haven't sent your package yet. But I swear. I'm sending it tomorrow!

Hope some cheery sunshine blows away your funny haze :)

Julie said...

Sounds like a wonderful time and time so well spent.

gina said...

Your blog is lovely - I'm going to come back often.