Thursday, 30 October 2008


Just out of interest, would you choose this:

or this:

I actually can't quite decide which way to go, laptop or desktop?

A Small Boat Made of China

For some reason today I feel a little excited, maybe it’s because it is nearly November and building up to christmas, it’s also lot because I got tickets to go and see Crowded House and Josh Pyke play in a few weeks! I can remember my mum playing Sister Madly very loudly, loving that first line of Weather With You (“Well there’s a small boat made of china, it’s going nowhere on the mantlepiece”) being quite obsessed as a thirteen year old, and having a bit of a teary watching their last ever show on the Opera House steps (on tv) because they were all crying and I never had the chance to see them myself. But now it is my turn so I’m excited, and with the lovely josh pyke too! It feels like summer is in the air.

Little oil painting from etsy

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Days for Me

Hi there,

It's great to be able to check in here, my ibook is STILL out of comission! Seriously how is a girl supposed to get along for over a week without some internet (boo work for monitoring our use).

I've been on a lovely lazy four day holiday at home all by my lonesome so it's all been about me. Rd has been away walking up mountains the whole time and I miss him terribly, but I've been gocco printing, baking, to the movies, and enjoying the sunshine. Oh and I am so close to being ready for the next store update. Can't wait to share with you all.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

LOVE this print by Sandra Juto available here, rd are you taking note? : )

Monday, 20 October 2008

Monday is a Boomerang

I swear Monday is a boomerang day, it just keeps coming back whether you want it or not.

But today is a happy Monday, only a three day work-week (yay four day break coming up) and I’ve had Josh Pyke in my head all day and it’s rather lovely. The first time I listened to the new album I was a little skeptical, so many words, but once you listen to them it’s truly sweet and rather tender. Best listened to whilst walking in the summery evening, admiring blue skies with pinky clouds and the smell of blooms in the air.

See a happy Monday!

Picture of some Toast loveliness, as my computer is still down and I cannot load my own pictures : ( but the slippers and jammies are on my wish list.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

One sick computer and some craftiness

Hi there,

Well my poor little laptop is very close to dying and I don’t dare overload it when it does actually turn on, so posts and comments might be a little scarce for a short while. Hopefully I will find out this week if it can be revived or if it really is over between us (so sad).

There has been one major positive from the lack of computer access and that is the extended time to work on some new gift tags and cards for christmas and a few other bits and pieces for the store. I feel rather excited about what I have been creating and can’t wait to share. I am hoping to have the update up before the end of this month. I have also found a local store that might be willing to take some of my designs on and I am pretty thrilled about that.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sunny Saturday

I think this is perhaps the earliest post I have written in my blogging career, and on a saturday as well! But I'm so pleased it's the weekend, it's a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and I have plans. Today I am off to visit this Mothers Market and see some crafty goodness, followed by the Salamanca Market for some flowers and maybe some fresh fruit and veggies, and if I have time a bit of a play with my new camera (yes I finally did it!). Maybe tomorrow I will have some show and tell for you. Have a great weekend.

Painting by Stephen Ormandy (from Dinosaur Designs)

Friday, 10 October 2008

The Duchess

I went to see this film with my mum the other night ‘cause we both have a bit of a soft spot for english costume dramas. I think there’s something about all the costumes and the views of the green countryside that are so intriguing not to mention beautiful. I was a little surprised by the Duchess, I’m not exactly sure what I expected but it was quite sad that women not all that long ago had absolutely no choice in their lives, beyond in this case of the duchess clothes, and she was a lucky one.

Megan Park

How beautiful are the homewares from Megan Park. Extremely gorgeous textures, patterns and colours. I love a few cushions for my sofa. It's a little scary how many lovely things are out there, scary that my budget is not as large as my wists.

Happy friday to you all.

Monday, 6 October 2008

This Weekend

This weekend was a good mix of getting things done and doing not much at all, the best kind of weekend really. Along with a little daylight saving adjustment (love daylight savings!).
I …..

went to see Blackalicious for some good time music and dancing
had a much needed hair cut
spent a lovely quiet afternoon with rd
baked a tea cake with fresh strawberries and cream for a family dinner – it was pretty good if I do say so.
started a new project - painted an undercoat to freshen up some storage boxes
and enjoyed the purr-y company of sir ang and miss lola

I hope you had an enjoyable one too!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Interior Love

I love this place, again the white with the added coloured elements. Those green chairs and the paintings on the walls. I wish my flat would look like this...I'm working on it!

Found via Oh Happy Day.


It’s that time again friends, the tag. I’ve been tagged by Michelle (yay another Tasmanian!) and loved reading some more about her.
I’m passing this one on to everyone, ‘cause I am a stickybeak and love reading about other people.

So, six things about me:

1. I'm not brilliant at making decisions, in fact it is a struggle at times. I'd much prefer someone just tell me what I have to do, which is sad when I think about it. Case in point - SLR camera, I know what I want in terms of the body but when it come with which lens to buy with it etc, all too hard so I have just put it off. Decisions must be made!!

2. I feel sad that I couldn’t master the art of crochet. As much as I tried earlier this year and had grand plans and visions, purchasing this book, buying the wool for a blanket, it was to no avail. My skills are seriously lacking people.

3. When I was a child would spend hours at the kitchen table drawing, covering it in pens and paper, and my yellow textas would always run out first. It was my absolute favourite colour. Now if I was to draw like that again, I think it would be the green to run out first.

4. My favourite sweets are Oddfellow peppermints, and they have to be crunched and munched on! This seems to be a family trait because my granddad was an Oddfellow man, always having a stash in the cupboard and my mum loves them too. They aren’t just your average peppermint, and I’ve never really come across anyone else who likes them.

5. I love trivial pursuit and quizzes. Twice a month I go to a local quiz night with some friends. This has developed into quite a serious challenge because the questions are always so very random and are hardly ever about music (my pet topic) or current events or seemingly anything I know something about. We never get close to winning but it’s a lot of fun and a nice excuse to have a quiet beer on a Monday night.

6. My current neighbours drive me nuts! Living in a big old house divided into four flats means that I get to lie in bed most nights and listen to my neighbours music blaring at midnight. The funny thing is I don’t think I would mind if they were playing something I liked, but neighbours with bad taste = no fun.