Monday, 29 June 2009


Today feels a bit like the song I was listening to walking to work this morning, (Marquee Moon by Television - oh yeah the link is for the short version mine goes for 10:40!) it just keeps going and going, and while I like the song I really don’t love Mondays.

But, I do like cupcakes, and these woodland cupcake kits from Layer Cake Shop are kinda cool don’t you think?

Also there are some great new things available at Bakers Dozen and my Diana arrived, yay (it's very lovely!)

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Belated Blogiversary

Hi there,

So I mentioned last week that it was little glowing lights second birthday and that I would have a giveaway to celebrate, and here it is! A little belated, due to the fact that it's been too dark all week for me to photograph the little liberty bird I have made to send out! But I would like to thank everyone who reads, leaves lovely comments, and sends me great emails, it is definitely the best part about blogging! This year in particular has been hard for me (the end of my relationship, and serious job issues) it has helped me to have this as an outlet to share the things that I love. So thank you!

Please leave a comment by next wednesday and I will draw a winner for the bird and a set of my postcards.


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Interior Love

Lovely designs by Kathy Dalwood, I love the mix of colour and the use of paintings on the walls. So livable and pretty.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Monday, 22 June 2009

Four Things

I kind of liked this tag that Cheryl, Martina and Fi did, so I’m going to have a go, feel free to join in too!

4 things I’m looking forward to:
*Seeing Handmade Nation on Saturday and visiting the Crafty exhibition
*My Diana Edelweiss arriving in the mail
*finding a new book to read – any suggestions?
*spring/summer (still months off I know, but I live in hope of some sunshine)

4 things I did yesterday:
* grocery shopping while listening to obscure radiohead tracks on my ipod (ie the bonus disc from the In Rainbows vinyl set – it’s really good)
* enjoyed some mint and green tea and an original glazed krispy kreme donut (purchased on the way back from Melbourne)
* had a little sleep in
* ironing (ugh yuk!)

4 things I wish I could do:
* stay on holidays for much much longer (while still getting paid of course!)
* play an instrument, maybe the drums! Something loud anyway.
* buy a house, but sadly not on the agenda for a while yet
* have a permanent job, being on a contract at a time like this is awful!

4 TV shows I watch:
* Masterchef – again I admit I am strangely hooked.
* Grand Designs
* Rage – on Saturday afternoons on abc2 when it’s the guest programmers (I no longer stay up till 3am watching as I once did). My favourite programmer was Malcolm McLaren, he played some fantastic stuff.
*Teachers – even though it is just repeats I still love it.

4 places I want to travel to:
* Tokyo
* Paris
*New York
*London – yep right now it’s the big four.

4 places I’ve lived – well I’ve only lived in the same state, so I’m changing this to 4 songs I love right now:
* Up on the Ladder - from above mentioned Radiohead cd
* The Trapeze Swinger – Iron and Wine
* Daniel – Bat for Lashes
* Back to the Start - Lily Allen

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Winter Break

Hi there,

So I am back from my little winter break. It was my first proper Melbourne trip for a while (work trips definitely don't count!) and I went with my parents (first trip with them in about 10 years), it was lovely to wander around, visit new shops and take in the warm air and sunshine that we were lucky to have.

We had some amazing meals, including one at Flower Drum which was without a doubt the best meal I have ever had (peaking duck, salt and pepper squid and melt in your mouth szechuan beef). And because we seem to have been drawn into the Masterchef series, we tried The Press Club. It was an impressive restaurant, very smart but relaxing and enjoyable.

I did a fair bit of shopping of course, visited Chapel St Bazaar which was fantastic (where I saw a polaroid I really should have taken and baulked at the price of fowlers vacola jars - $22! There are generally only $2), and so many other shops. I went to the art gallery but the line was so long for Dali and I'd seen an exhibition of his only a few years ago, so I didn't worry in the end.

It was great to get away, definitely much needed. Tomorrow it's back to work and reality , I'm dreading it but resolved not to let it get me down.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, 18 June 2009

Little getaway

Hi there,

Just a quick hello to let you know that I am just taking a little break in Melbourne at the moment (I'm posting from my iPhone for the first time and it's pretty cool!). I will be back next week with regular posting and a little giveaway seeing as yesterday was little glowing lights second birthday. Two years, wow that went so fast and has been such a great experience. Hope everyone has a great end of the week


Monday, 15 June 2009

Pom Love

Pretty tissue paper pom poms from Pom Love, such beautiful soft colours.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

In Pictures

I can't believe the first week of my holidays is over already, time goes so fast, so far I've:
been on a road trip to Launceston, and wandered around the town. I bought a super cute little owlie at Cocoon (which is a really great shop)
had lunch with my grandmother
started a new crafting project
watched Spinal Tap and Love Actually
listened to Bat for Lashes and Paul Weller
slept in
and irritated Angus and Lola with more cuddles than they would like.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Rainy Days

I love the aptly named Rainy Days collection from Meyer-Lavigne . They are beautiful vases.

Via Visual Notes

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Taking It Easy

Finally today there was a break in the grey and rain (I spent all day yesterday watching the BBC's Pride and Prejudice - perfect rainy day entertainment!) So to make the most of it I went for a little trip to Richmond. I haven't been there for years and there weren't as many antique shops to look in as I remember, but it was good to be out in the fresh air and sunshine. Some of the little cottages are so lovely, but so tiny!

Monday, 8 June 2009


How cool are these lampshades from etsy seller Drawflowers, they're made from vintage wallpaper. I really like them. The pattern on the big centre one reminds me of the sheets my grandparents had on my bed when I stayed with them as a child, orange and purple florals!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Interior Love

Summerhouse pictures (yes this is a summerhouse - it's gorgeous) from here.


Hi there!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I definitely am, today is the first day of my two week much needed holiday from work. I don't have many plans and it feels great, even the constant rain and grey skies of the past few days hasn't made me down like it usually might. I made scones for afternoon tea and invited my parents around which was the perfect place to start. I had intended making lemonade scones, but didn't have enough cream to go in the mix as well as on the top, and scones without whipped cream just didn't feel right! Regardless they were good.


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Creative Ones

Sofia of the lovely blog Sofia Barao (and fantastic etsy store) now has a series called creative ones and she invited me to join in. I’d love it if you took a peek, if you leave a comment you might win one of my dotty garlands.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Vintage Paintings

I’m on the hunt for some vintage paintings, I keep seeing pictures like these from Victoria of Sfgirlbybay and Simone Howell (via D├ęcor8) and they look so great as a series grouped together. I think I’d prefer a few floral numbers or some landscapes, I’m not sure I could live with a stranger on the wall. Unfortunately the local tip shop hasn’t thrown anything up yet in my travels, but I quite like this one and also this is cute.

1. Gardenhouse, 2. { narcoleptic leo arrives }


I can’t believe it’s June already, the last six months for me have not been the best so I guess I’m seeing this as a bit of a turning point for better things (hopefully!). Anyway I’m definitely slowing down into hibernation mode, lots of reading and couch time this weekend, and I saw Is Anybody There? with Michael Cane at the cinema yesterday, it was very good but sort of sad in a way. Anyway I am excited that it's june!